1. Access the Genius SIS portal (from www.montanadigitalacademy.org:
A. select "MTDA Classroom" from the "MTDA Program" pull-down menu
B. select "MTDA Teachers" from list
C. login as "dash.math").
A. confirm_&_change_pre_-_2.png ---> B. confirm_&_change_pre_-_1.png ---> C. 2011-02-10_11h55_19.png

2. Once you have accessed GeniusSIS, get to the user lookup screen by clicking on the "administrator" tab and selecting the "find users" option from the sidebar.


3. Once you have accessed the "search" window, select "student" from the drop down menu, enter the student's name (first and/or last), and click "get data."


4. Select the student you have on the phone (please confirm it is the correct student) and click the icon under "view."


5. Once you have accessed their file, ask them the "secret question" and confirm their identity using their response to the "secret answer."


6. Once you have confirmed their identity, click the "reset password" button. A green confirmation box will appear below the student's information.


7. Read the password out loud to the student UNLESS you were not able to confirm their identity using their secret question, in which case they have to wait for the email.

8. The student will be able to edit their new password by logging in to Moodle and then finding the "edit account" button in the lower left-hand corner."