Problem: Using TextEdit on the Mac to modify RTF files for MTDA classes means that your information might not be displayable on the PC. Instead of using text edit, you should use Microsoft Word, Pages or OpenOffice/LibreOffice instead to edit and save RTF documents.

These directions will be for Microsoft Word, however, Pages and OpenOffice/LibreOffice work the very same way.

1. Download the file from Moodle, usually click on the filename.

2. IF you get a download dialogue box (the one below is in Firefox), be sure to SAVE FILE and not open.

3. Open Microsoft Word (usually sitting in your icon row on the bottom of your screen).

4. Once in Word, click on File --> Open.

5. Find the file (usually under home, then downloads), then highlight and click OPEN.

Be sure to save when you are done!

Tutorial by Jason Neiffer
Updated 18 June 2011